Management & coordination

Overall co-ordination of the project is responsibility of partner 1 (CREAL) through the Project Co-ordinator (Martine Vrijheid, CREAL – Barcelona) and a Project Manager working at CREAL.

Management and co-ordination is undertaken at two key levels:

  1. At the full project level by the Project Executive Committee (PEC), comprising the Project Co-ordinator, Project Manager and WP leaders. This is the main forum for decision making of the project.
  2. At the work package level, via the Work Package Teams, comprising WP leaders and contributing partners. Two WPs (WP2 and WP3) are further split up into working groups (WGs), each led by a WG leader.

A Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has a consultative function. There will be 5 fixed SAB members: a scientist representing the US birth cohort study initiative, 2 academic users of European birth cohort data independent of the consortium (1 of whom from Eastern Europe), 1 representative of the related European project RICHE, and 1 representative of the World Health Organisation European Office. The SAB normally meets once a year.


WP = Work Package
WG = Working Group