CHICOS kick-off meeting in April

On 26th and 27th April the CHICOS kick-off meeting will be held at CREAL.

This new FP7 funded project aims to improve child health across Europe to develop an integrated strategy for a cohort of mother-child research in Europe. The study officially started in January 2010 and is coordinated by Dr. Martine Vrijheid, Associate Professor at CREAL.

Special guests are Dr. Antoni Plas√čncia Taradach, Public Health Director of the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and Dr. Marco Martuzzi of WHO-Europe. They will introduce the meeting with views of local and international needs of health policy makers and the role of child cohort research, following with a panel discussion on the policy-research interface.

Partner countries include Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom. All are working to develop a broad set of policy recommendations for relevant research key areas of child health.

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